Businesses to get advice on using video in marketing at Archant’s Digital Decoded seminars – Business

Digital marketing experts will be helping small and medium businesses to get to grips with the creation and applications of video.

It is one topic on the agenda for the Digital Decoded sessions organised by media group Archant.

The seminars in Norwich, Ipswich and Great Yarmouth will seek to explain some key elements of digital marketing and how these can be deployed to attract consumers at different stages of the purchase process.

Jamie Brown, Archant regional digital manager for Norfolk and Suffolk, said: “Video is interesting – all of us are able to create video all the time because most mobile phones will do it.

“What has happened is people are now so accustomed to seeing things in video form it is becoming a standardised way of consuming information.

“Information becomes a lot more engaging and is consumed more when it is transformed into video, but there are a number of constraints which means you need to get advice on what you use and where you use it.”

He added: “We need to see more small and medium businesses using video because it has become a form of content people expect to see.”

Video marketing specialist David Fieldhouse, from Archant’s Norwich-based regional television channel Mustard TV, will also be attending the sessions to lend some expert tips to businesses on the use of video.

Mustard TV also manages the Youtube channel Norfolk Now, which shares news, sports, entertainment and lifestyle videos.

Mr Brown said: “Mustard TV has volunteered to give people some advice on the content and also around the technology aspect.”

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