Eminem Trolled Us With Mystery Woman Video … Marketing Ploy for ‘River’

Listen, we should’ve known better than to get excited about possibly being invited into Eminem‘s personal life, because it was just revealed that the bizarre video with a mystery woman was just a publicity stunt for his new song … and he got Ed Sheeran wrapped up into the drama.

Em just released the teaser trailer for his new video, “River,” and shows him arguing with that same mystery woman in a hotel room over a supposed pregnancy test.  Then there are interviews about “What love means” with Eminem and Ed Sheeran.  He captioned the tease “Unhappy Valentine’s Day!”

Sheeran was teased as being a part of Eminem’s “Revival” album earlier this year, and now it’s confirmed.  Oh well, the speculation was fun while it lasted.

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