Spokane CC automotive students inspect cars for winter

SPOKANE, Wash. – In their annual free winter car care fair, Spokane Community College automotive students and instructors were on hand to inspect the more than 200 cars that came through prepping for winter.

“It all about safety in the winter,” said Tim Trudnowski, President of Motion Auto Supply, who helped sponsor the event.

Students topped off all the fluids in the vehicles, as getting stuck without proper fluid levels can lead to breakdowns in the winter.

“I look at coolants, oil, refrigerants, and the washer fluids,” said student Nathan Duncan. “I also check radiator fluid and transmission. Those are what get a car through the winter.”

They also inspected the engine area of all cars for wear and tear and also built up dirt and grime.

“When it gets cold the effectiveness of a battery lowers, and you don’t want to be stranded,” said instructor Jeff Rogers.

Broken lights on all cars were replaced free of charge. Students and instructors noted that when visibility decreases in the winter, having functioning lights is critical for both your own and others safety.

Tires were also checked.

“We check tire pressure, tread depth and overall condition,” said Rogers.

He says properly inflated tires help with control, stopping distance and will prolong the life of the tires.

“Its amazing how many check engines lights are on,” said Trudnowski. “It stares people right in the face when they are driving their car. That is your car telling you something is wrong and they need to get fixed.”

Other winter preparations include getting new wiper blades, and making sure that all your wiper fluids are temperature appropriate. Trudnowski also says don’t forget to get your car washed during the winter, though inside, as de-icer can cause damage to your vehicle.



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