Why Autonomous Cars Will Speed New Marketing Forms Faster Than You Think – Adweek

As an owner of a Mercedes-Benz dealership in Springfield, Mass., Michelle Wirth, head of industry – automotive for Quantcast, knows her cars, So when her take away from CES 2018 is that meaningful advances in autonomous cars are right around the bend, drivers—or perhaps more accurately—riders, and brands should probably take note.

“In years past, it might have felt like a distant future technology, but this year [at CES] it felt like it’s coming—and sooner than you think,” said Wirth.

While Wirth cautioned that there are still hurdles with self-driving infrastructure and technology—along with consumer trust and by in—driverless will be an important consumer journey shift. Indeed, the potential of unlocking a host of new entertainment and branding functions with all those windows becoming screens in a captivated environment has vast implications for brand marketers.

“Autonomous is going to affect the way we live,” said Wirth, who focuses on automotive for Quantcast, the sponsor of Adweek’s CES 2018 coverage. “Ridesharing is the first step to it, but if you could take a car and not worry about paying attention to driving it, you can be that much more productive if you are working, or just have that much more fun, enjoying entertainment or relaxing.”

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