Video Player

Accelerate the decision to buy.

The Video Player provides car buyers a simple and easy way to research vehicles from the comfort of their home.

Effortlessly influence your online car shoppers by embedding thousands of Cartender’s Model Overview videos, VIN Slideshows and more.

Premium features that come standard.

New & Used Car Videos

Thousands of professionally produced new and used car videos included.

Pre-Roll Videos

Dynamically display a pre-roll video ad before each new or used car video.

Inventory Integration

Automatically populate a video for every vehicle listing on your website.

Email & Social Sharing

Email videos or post them to social media directly from the video player.

CRM Video Emails

Copy and paste pre-made video email templates for use within your CRM.

Video SEO

Each video is properly tagged and localized for maximum SEO value.

The video data speaks for itself.

Sampled from a 30-day average of five dealers using Cartender Video Player on SRPs and VDPs.


of website visitors watch video


of car buyers watch video


increase in time-on-page

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