Custom automotive media for every dealership department.

The Publisher (“Pub”) is the industry’s first DIY media production platform for automotive dealerships and agencies. Gone are the days of spending thousands of dollars to create content that takes days or weeks… now your in-house marketing team can create custom audio, image and video content in minutes.

Experience Our Easy-to-Use Automotive Production Platform.

Cartender’s Publisher platform is the easiest and fastest way to create custom media for every dealership department.

Create hundreds of pieces of content within minutes while saving hundreds of hours… AND thousands of dollars.

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Instantly create custom content like this...

Model Video

Promote your best models with custom branding, vehicle running footage, and custom taglines.

Dealership Video

Promote your store with custom branding, vehicle running footage, and custom taglines.

Digital Retailing Video

Promote your online shopping experience with custom branding and messaging.

Trade-in Video

Promote your inventory sourcing needs with custom branding and messaging to buy customer's cars.

Testimonial Video

Promote your happy customers with testimonials about your dealership.

Sales Event Video

Promote your next big sales event with custom messaging and footage of your dealership.

Publish your media where it matters.