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Create custom automotive videos in minutes... not days.

The Video Publisher (Pub) is the industry’s first DIY video creation platform for automotive dealerships and agencies.

Gone are the days of spending thousands of dollars to create videos that take days or weeks… now your in-house marketing team can create custom videos within minutes!

Create a Custom Video Ad

Click the button below to create a custom new car video ad sample.

Examples of videos you can create.

New Car Special

Promote your new car specials with a custom vehicle image, incentive, tagline, and branding.

Used Car Special

Promote your used car specials with custom vehicle images, offers, and branding.

Service Special

Promote your parts and service specials with custom images, offers, and branding.

Certified Pre-Owned

Promote your CPO program with custom branding and messaging.

Digital Retailing

Promote your online shopping experience with custom branding and messaging.

Sell Your Car

Promote your inventory sourcing needs with custom branding and messaging to buy customer's cars.


Promote your happy customers with testimonials about your dealership.

Sales Event

Promote your next big sales event with custom messaging and footage of your dealership.


Instill trust and confidence with customers by conveying your COVID-19 response.
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