Media campaigns managed by the experts.

Our Advertising services cover everything when it comes to digital advertising on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, CTV/OTT and beyond. We constantly measure the efficacy of your ads to inform the creative and messaging based on engagement, conversion and sales.

Campaigns on the platforms that matter.


Reach more auto shoppers than any other platform.


Merchandise to the largest car shopping audience.


Influence car buyers during their shopping journey.


Enabling automotive brands within the new era of video.

Campaign results you can't ignore.


Cost per View


View-Thru Rate


Conversion Rate

Based on 90-day averages for five rooftops throughout the U.S. using Brand Awareness objective and spending $300/mo on Facebook.

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We know your market and how to execute.

Custom Creative

Cartender’s ads are created to serve your dealership and your market. We produce content using your dealership’s images and video footage, and stay away from generic stock imagery and national OEM assets. Your videos promote YOUR business and no one else’s.

Campaign Management

Cartender has been digitally advertising for car dealerships for over a decade. We constantly test, evaluate, iterate, review, crosscheck, research and optimize the most effective targeting and placements to ensure your campaigns do exactly what they’re intended to do – sell you more cars.

Inventory Intelligence

We track your inventory activity so we can best identify which vehicles should be getting the most views. This informs our system of which videos to generate based on a set of rules.

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