About Cartender

We’re not your average automotive vendor. We are full-service video solution experts in automotive content, marketing, and technology. Our leadership team is a group of automotive entrepreneurs with over 30 years of experience. 

In fact, automotive has been in our founder’s DNA for almost 100 years, starting with the Davis Brothers Garage in the 1930s. The Davis’s would paint cars with their advertisements and drive them around town (see background photo).

Working with Cartender means you get top-shelf service, fanatical support, and a partner that becomes an extension of your team.

Say hello to the Cartender team.

Collin Davis
Founder & CEO

George Kennedy

Director of Content

Donna Bavely

Director of Marketing

Autumn Maguire

Business Development Associate

Noel Keil

Operations Manager

Reyson Gulane

Support Manager

Ivan Chirnev


Raymond Ang


Katrina Yu

Marketing Manager

Damien Niebler

Video Production Manager

Milos Licina

Video Production Specialist

Andre Rocke

Video Production Specialist

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