3 Ways to Use Online Video to Improve Your Content Marketing

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Ask any online business owner or marketing professional what they need more of, and they will likely say traffic and site content. However, what online marketers and content creators need to be focusing their efforts on is creating better content that will work for them for days, weeks, and even months.

But what we’ve been seeing lately is a never-ending amount of strictly text-based content that overwhelms an audience—something people don’t have time for (nor do you have time to create).

Keeping all of this in mind, it’s important to start shifting your focus from generic 500-word text articles to longer content that is packed with value, images, infographics, and, of course, video. The many benefits of using online video include:

  • To capture attention on Instagram
  • To optimize your video search on YouTube
  • To start trending on Facebook
  • To ask where your target audience is
  • To take advantage of multiple platforms
  • To play around with Snapchat
  • To reach a large audience with YouTube
  • To promote videos on Facebook

Using this information and various video marketing stats and resources from across the internet, today I am going to be focusing on the “video” aspect and highlighting a few different ways you can start using video today in your own content. Best of all, thanks to advancements in online technology and there no longer being a need to have advanced photography or video editing skills to produce videos, it’s easy enough for anyone to get started and begin implementing today.

Whiteboard explainer videos

We’ve all seen whiteboard explainer videos and been sucked in by their amazing ability to keep an audience engaged. However, as amazing as these videos are to watch, it would be even more exciting to have one created for your own business or brand. In previous years, to accomplish something like this you would need to hire an outside design company and likely spend a couple thousand dollars.

Thanks to recent advancements in technology and the use of software-as-a-solution, it’s now a simple process of drag and drop to create animated videos of your own. MySimpleShow, for example, has created a solution for creating explainer videos in just a few minutes, while also offering the full customization of adding your own images and voice-overs. Solutions like these are quickly putting more opportunity into the hands of content creators around the world, while also taking away business from expensive video design teams. This is something we’ve also seen take place in the world of graphic design with drag and drop solutions like Canva.

When it comes to video or graphic design, brands and marketers just want to be able to create something quick and easy without the need to go out and hire an expert or freelance designer. Thanks to software solutions, this is becoming more achievable every day. We already know the power of online video and great visuals for driving leads and traffic. Just don’t forget how powerful video can be for improving site content and helping it go viral.

Quick inspirational videos on social media

We’ve all heard about the power of social media and how it can instantly connect you to billions of users around the world. While this is something we know, not many people are doing this correctly. However, Gary Vaynerchuk is.

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