7 Reasons Why On-Site Video Marketing Assets Are Worth Investing In

You are probably aware that digital video marketing assets have been an integral component to nearly any successful campaign for quite some time. Here’s what you may not know: Without on-site video marketing assets, your website in and of itself may become practically irrelevant to your target audience within the next year.

As a business owner, I know firsthand that setting your marketing budget these days can be a tall order. There is no shortage of opportunities to get your message out there and you can run your budget into the ground if you don’t invest it wisely. We’ve all been down that road, and it’s a dead end in terms of conversions.

Creating quality blog content and landing page content supported by a decent stock photo is just not enough anymore if you’re trying to convert your visitors. Audiences crave more in today’s noisy market. Here are seven reasons video marketing is so valuable:

Video Marketing Assets Are The New Blog Post

If you’re anything like me, most of your best ideas hit you when you least expect them. In the past, my first response was usually to add them to my content calendar and circle back to blog about the topics on a rainy day. That just doesn’t reach far enough anymore.

My great ideas had the tendency to sit there for months because I was always having a difficult time putting them into words. Now, I think about the possibilities with video content in mind. Video content makes it easier to for me to think big picture in terms of reaching my audience. I’m not necessarily saying that video marketing is replacing the traditional blog post, but given the statistics, it’s not the craziest prediction. Many of the same qualities that make for quality blog posts also make for good video content. For example, shorter length videos are generally more shareable, but you should have a combination of longer videos (long-form content) and shorter videos.

Video Is the Best SEO Hack

We all set SEO goals for ourselves. And if someone asks us outright, we’ll all say that our dream is to be on the first page of Google results. Those of us who are being honest with ourselves know that it takes time and money to make that happen. As most legitimate marketers will tell you, the best SEO hack is, of course, having great content. The next layer is solid keyword research and a targeted PPC campaign. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that you’re following the same types of best practices that you would with any other type of content. Provide a variety of video content, make sure that it’s high-quality, and provide value to your audience.

It Improves Visitor Time On Site The more time visitors spend on your site, the more you know that your content is providing value to them. This is what ultimately leads to conversions. Simply have a video on a landing page has been found to increase conversion rates by 80 percent.

Video content does just that, and then some. When someone is just scrolling through words, they may miss some of your key messages. Don’t let that happen. Just like with written content, it’s important to have a strong CTA at the end of the message. “Please share,” “follow us on social media” and “leave a comment below” all still apply.

What makes people buy into you? Trust. Chances are, you’re not the only one out there delivering the services and products. Someone else is always out there doing the same thing. Video content gives your website a personality.

If they’re just staring at words on a page, they don’t get to know you as intimately, and they may move onto another website that does what you do better. Put yourself out there and you’ll be amazed how much more likely your audience will be to engage and convert. Videos that support existing blog post and landing page content mention specific services offered and provide news, information and key statistics.

You Can Get Your Message Across Faster

Especially if your business aims to educate, video does so much that words alone cannot. In fact, just one minute of video equates to around 1.8 million words written out. That means you can educate people faster about your product and services. Time is money. People are far more likely to reach out to you if they understand the value you can deliver to them.

Video Content Elevates Your Message

If you don’t want your great idea to be solely dependent on the video you create or hire someone to create for you, consider it a way to promote other content. In fact, if you have a landing page that is performing well as is, adding a video to that page promoting the existing content can give it an even bigger boost. Here’s my suggestion: take your best-performing landing page and create a short video to add to that page. It will almost certainly improve your time on site and it may even lead to some conversions.

Baruch Labunski is CEO of Rank Secure. His knowledge and professional acumen have already made Rank Secure globally acclaimed SEO company.

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