Bideo Launch Offers the Best Way to Get Bids from Video Pros

formerly Big Video, today announced that the most comprehensive and
easiest-to-use marketplace of video pros is now online and accessible to
anyone needing video production anywhere. The company needed a better
solution to get quotes on video production jobs—so it built one. Now,
the marketplace is available to anyone at

Use of video is skyrocketing

Video has become a mainstay for marketing and other communications. Cisco
that video content will make up 80% of Internet traffic by
2019. An Animoto
indicated that more than 60% of businesses planned to
increase their investment in video marketing last year. Hubspot
that including a video on a landing page can increase
conversion by 80%.

Why Bideo is needed

Finding and hiring the right video professional is a time-consuming
process. According to Bideo President Dan Chipman, “There are a lot of
production jobs that require a professional, and finding the right one
is not easy. We know, because we have spent countless hours scouring
Google to recruit videographers for our clients around the world. After
going through the tedious online search process of identifying
videographers and comparing bids for over six years, we finally decided
to create the platform we always wanted. It has been a game-changer for

How Bideo makes it better

Bideo eliminates the hassle from hiring a video pro. With Bideo, all you
have to do is enter the type of video you need, and the location where
you need it. The system will then serve up a list of profiles for
videographers whose skills and location match your needs. Ratings,
reviews, portfolio samples, and hourly rates make it easy to compare and
contrast options at a glance. Requesting a bid is as easy as clicking a
button. Alternatively, you can post a job and the system will
automatically request bids from professionals who have the skills you
need, where you need them.

Because the videographers pay us a commission to match them up with good
production jobs, using Bideo costs you no more than using an exhaustive
Google search, but is so much easier. Plus, our satisfaction guarantee
eliminates any risk associated with hiring someone online.

Who can benefit from Bideo?

Virtually anyone with a need for video production can benefit from the
Bideo marketplace. From start-ups, to mid-sized companies, to large
enterprises—even those with internal production resources often have
remote production needs. Typical projects include Kickstarter videos,
marketing/advertising, testimonials, live event streaming, corporate
communications, animated explainers, interviews, drone video, and

Kimberly Brooke Norman, VP of Marketing of the Exit Planning Institute,
stated this about her first experience with Bideo: “We host an annual
summit with about 300 of our top clients. Not only did Bideo immediately
rally and make all of the coordinating efforts [with a last-minute
change of city], they did it with very little need from us. Frankly we
had an incredible few days… we couldn’t have asked for a better

What if a full-service option is preferred?

Sometimes customers may be better served by a full-service, concierge
solution. For example, what if a scenario requires multiple
videographers in multiple locations? In those instances, customers can
choose to consult with one of the company’s experienced project managers
for an additional 15% fee.

About Bideo

Bideo (formerly Big Video) has been handling remote video production
jobs on behalf of a diverse group of clients since 2009. Bideo’s goal is
to map the entire video production market, depict it clearly to the
customer, and make ordering video production as simple as possible.


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