Gorilla Marketing Tactics Part Three – Viral Video Marketing


Gorilla Marketing Tactics Part Three

Gorilla Marketing Tactics Part Three will be fairly short. I want to briefly explain viral video marketing and the power you have using this technique to reach millions of people, for free.

A viral video is a video which gains popularity through internet sharing. This could happen through posting your video on your blog, on squidoo, through e-mail… whatever. Your video should also get some views through keyword searches and links from related videos on Youtube. If your video is well liked, once it has some views it should spread in popularity pretty well through word-of-mouth (or through link sharing or whatever).

If you want to market through viral video, you’re going to want to post your video on Youtube. Then of course post a link to your homepage or whatever page you want people to visit. In order to be successful, you want your video to be funny, thought-provoking, or captivating in some manner. Comedy generally works very well because people just love to laugh.

With respect to what to actually put into a video, that’s completely up to you… you have to be creative. Your video doesn’t even really have to relate to what you’re trying to market (although it probably should). How many of you have seen the drumming Cadbury Gorilla (click text to see video)? I forget how I got directed to this video, I think through a video post on Facebook. Either way, I did get linked to this video somehow, because whoever saw it thought it was funny. As you can see though, the actual video has nothing whatsoever to do with Cadbury chocolate. Regardless, this video has 3.5 million views on Youtube right now.

An even more popular video can be seen here here. This guy recorded himself playing guitar, then said he learned to play with GuitarMasterPro.net. I just checked this video, and it has almost 60 million views! That’s 60 million FREE views. How many people who saw the video were impressed enough that they clicked on the GuitarMasterPro.net link and signed up? Even if it was a small percentage of that 60 million, it’s well worthwhile considering it was free. This video was posted over a couple years ago, but it’s still getting views (last comment posted two minutes ago when I checked).

There’s a guy at CarbonCopyPRO who made over $100 000 in one month using only marketing videos on Youtube. He just made lots and lots of videos of himself whenever he could… on the beach… at his house… whatever. He posted them on Youtube and got tons of traffic, which turned into tons of leads and tons of conversions. He made over $100 000 without spending any money on marketing. That’s how powerful viral marketing can be.

That does it for Gorilla Marketing Tactics Part Three. Hopefully this gave you an idea at least of the power of viral video marketing. So go make a video… what’s the worst that can happen? It’s free, and it’s likely to bring in some viewers.


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