How Video Can Help You Capture Mobile Car Shoppers

Whether or not you pay attention to the latest tech trends, you probably know that mobile is a pretty big deal. Not only did Google just roll out an update to their search algorithm that gives mobile-friendly sites and content a major boost in search engine rankings (while dropping everything else all but out of sight), but more and more web browsing, email reading, and yes, even video watching is taking place on mobile devices.

In fact, mobile Internet traffic—online access by smartphones, tablets, and similar mobile devices—overtook traffic headed to non-mobile devices like desktop and laptop computers in early 2014, and while non-mobile Internet use is slowing down and starting to flatline mobile access is growing as fast as it ever was. Everything people do online is something they’re now more likely to do from a mobile device, and that includes shopping for their next car.

Making it Big on the Small Screen

At first glance, it makes sense to think that video content would be the exception to the mobile rule: with smaller screens and oftentimes slower connections, mobile devices seem less suited to providing viewers with the video experience they’re after. Due to some technical details we won’t bore you wth, though, many videos and video sites are actually better optimized for mobile use than desktop computer access, and many users express a strong preference for watching videos on their phones as opposed to reading articles on the same devices.

The lesson is clear: your customers are using their phones and tablets to shop for cars, and they’re looking for videos more than they’re looking for static images, text, and other content. Putting videos on your site that provide the car-buying information customers are looking for will give you a tremendous competitive advanatge over other less-savvy dealers, help customers find you and your cars faster and easier, and keep them on your site longer with the valuable information they need in a format they find it easy to digest.

The more reasons you can give them to stick with you, the less they’ll be inclined to shop anywhere else.

Now, not just any video will do; you need to supply videos that users actually find engaging and that reliably deliver the facts and figures they want to see. Making it big in the world of mobile video isn’t as simple as embedding a YouTube video on your site or slapping a few links here and there, and in fact that strategy can lead to a more frustrating mobile experience and open the door for your potential customers to exit.

Natively hosted videos that load quickly and can be easily navigated are your best bet. We just happen to have a few (OK, more than a few) lying around that we think you might find useful.

Let Be Your Mobile Video Partner

Producing the right videos and getting them properly encoded on your site can be a massive undertaking, but not when you have a dedicated partner that can do it all for you in minutes. Take a minute to browse a few of our videos, check out our service plans, and see what we can do for you!

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