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Marketers have been leveraging online video to connect with audiences, but savvy video marketers are moving beyond the content itself and tying video initiatives into deeper strategies.

Using video to cross-promote other content, empower sales strategies and provide a deeper view inside an organization are just some of the ways to make video work beyond the traditional informative marketing clip.

Video is a great platform for marketers to spread the word about their other content marketing offerings, according to Shawn Fergus, VP of marketing at referral marketing software company Ambassador.

“We use video to support and promote content like blog posts, e-books and more,” Fergus told Forbes. “A talking head giving a recap of a written piece is a great way to add personality to your content, and it’s a good opportunity to show your culture.”

Some marketing organizations are capitalizing on the “Ask Me Anything” trend, where brands open themselves up to questions from customers and prospects, then share their video responses.

“Ask Me Anythings have proved incredibly useful in customer acquisition,” Trustify founder Jennifer Mellon told Forbes. “When it is personalized to the client, they feel engaged and are more likely to become a satisfied customer. Video does the best job of educating them.”

Video can also provide sales teams with valuable storytelling content that can help drive business more effectively.

“Video is a powerful tool that has brought our marketing and sales efforts closer together,” Sundog communications manager Heidi Haaven told Forbes. “We’ve worked with our sales team to determine videos they can leverage from introductions to closing the deal. This has led to more consistent messaging, more engaging presentations and a deeper dive into the technical features of our services.”

Video marketers should think about getting creative and taking their video messaging beyond the traditional overview of products and services, because the results could be surprising.

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