Video Marketing Guidelines for Social Media Success: Part-1 –

Video marketing is the new elixir to growth and best consumed in cohesion to the social media platforms.

While video marketing can propel the brand to newer heights, social platforms enhance the affordability and accessibility of the same.

Be it Facebook, Twitter or other networking sites video-centric content has the ability to go viral within minutes as users love verbal interactions. Moreover, this strategy readily improves customer engagement and even brand awareness.

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That said, recording videos is now exceedingly easy clubbed with a legible camera and bouts of excitement. In this post, we will be learning about some of the most potent social media platforms which allow entrepreneurs to post video-centric content over the same. We will be enumerating each platform in detail while mentioning few handy tips to make it bigger over each one of these:


This is probably the largest online community for sharing video-specific content. Therefore, YouTube can be leveraged perfectly for creating that desired marketing strategy. Once the user logs in, he or she can create a channel customizable according to the nature of business. Most importantly, the process is simple and wouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

Upon setting up, one can add multiple videos which can then be viewed, rated and even commented on. This, in turn, improves visibility as people can subscribe, comment and even share these posts across other platforms. Moreover, YouTube offers a built-in notifier and viewers will be intimated once a new video is uploaded on a specific channel.

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Tips to Succeed:

  1. Consistency is the Key: Upon creating a channel, the firm or entrepreneur must upload videos regularly or even periodically. This will enhance viewership and build upon the existing number of subscribers.
  2. Include CTAs: It is advisable to include call-to-actions at the end of each and every video. Channel owners can either ask viewers to like, share and subscribe or leave comments upon watching.
  3. Interactions are Necessary: The channel must reply to each and every comment in general besides thanking viewers and responding instantly to the feedbacks.
  4. Sharing is Important: Entrepreneurs must share channel links across multiple social platforms in addition to embedding them with Twitter and Facebook posts.


Facebook comes with a massive user base and it must be on the priority list of entrepreneurs who are looking to kick-start their video marketing campaign. Users at Facebook actually love videos over texts making it a lucrative option for the businesses.

The procedure remains simple here as the firm has to create a unique page based on the goals, products and everything that is important to the customers. Next step would be to popularize the page and people who like the same will then be able to view the posts and videos embedded within. Not just the select few, but the entire network of other users will also be able to view the videos and ‘like’ the same if desired.

Tips to Succeed:

  1. Offer Minimalistic Information: Most users over Facebook prefer simpler and entertaining posts which are light and easy to comprehend. It is, therefore, important for owners to create videos which cater to the Facebook audience.
  2. Interact with the Audience: It is necessary to keep looking for questions and comments under the video and respond to them in a professional and timely manner.
  3. Reactions need to be Monitored: This platform allows owners to understand the frequency of shares and likes. Positive reactions to the videos will, therefore, come in handy when the next crusade is planned.
  4. Live Broadcasting: Businesses can opt for Facebook Live and boost user engagement rather instantaneously.


This is more of a messaging platform which will soon support video calling preferably in the next update. Once the feature starts rolling out, businesses will try to leverage the same for getting maximum traction. This form of video marketing will be extremely targeted and can cater to the mobile-centric community in a massive way.

Tips to Succeed:

  1. Concise Approach: Try to cut the clutter and offer information that is actually important.
  2. Tie up Loose Ends: If an owner is opting for a business-specific account, he or she must look to put up a professional WhatsApp status, elaborating the essence of the firm or the broadcasted video.
  3. Be Discrete: Business owners should never mix personal and professional accounts together and must be discrete about the video marketing strategy at least over WhatsApp.


This platform flaunts a diverse yet expansive user base and is actually perfect for small businesses to expand their wings. Videos can be embedded into the tweets which do pop up as follower feeds. Out here one can put up videos which are as long as two minutes 20 seconds.

Tips to Succeed:

  1. Be Engaging: Businesses should be expressive and try to make use of all the 140 seconds on offer.
  2. Be on Time: Twitter is all about the latest happenings and entrepreneurs must be in sync with the latest updates. It will be even better if they can include the same into the videos.
  3. Be Concise: One must look to keep things briefer than usual as Twitter isn’t the most generous platforms in terms of video sharing duration. The best bet would be to post digestible and shorter clips which are loaded with information.

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We have dealt with four social media platforms in this post and will be discussing four more i.e. Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Periscope in the subsequent post.

Keep watching this space for more on social media video marketing.

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