Winners of 2016 Video Marketing Awards Announced at Viewtopia – Business Wire (press release)

KITCHENER, Ontario–()–Vidyard,
the video platform for business, today announced the winners of the
2016 Video Marketing Awards (VMAs), recognizing innovative marketing and
sales leaders at Viewtopia, the company’s annual video marketing summit.
The VMAs recognize organizations that are using video content and
analytics in exceptional ways to expand their audience, generate demand
and empower their sales teams to close more business.

“Video has become the medium of choice for modern marketers to engage,
entertain and educate their audiences,” said Vidyard CEO and co-founder
Michael Litt. “They are creating incredible high-quality content,
measuring its performance and using detailed analytics to turn viewers
into customers and revenue for their organizations. And the results are
coming whether the organizations are large or small, whether the videos
highly produced or done on a budget. These winners prove the power of
video to connect with audiences and improve the bottom line.”

Below are the winners and finalists in each VMA category:

Video Marketing Campaign of the Year
Winner: Lenovo
with agency partner Traction
Finalists: Philips, Elemica

Lenovo’s marketing efforts had primarily consisted of tactics at the
bottom of the funnel. With the launch of the Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 12
Ultrabook, an all-in-one laptop and tablet, the company hoped to broaden
its exposure to a larger audience than they had currently been marketing
to and to re-engage dormant customers. They also wanted to educate users
while making them feel entertained. The campaign played out in the form
of five videos, including “Know
your Chad
” and “See
Jane Run at Top Speed
,” and a series of tongue-in-cheek illustrated
“Survival Guides” for IT viewers to enjoy and commiserate over.

Results: Lenovo saw an immediate lift in video completion rates
from 70% to 96% — a clear signal that the campaign was working.
Engagement soared with a 400% lift over previous benchmarks. The videos
were the most shared and the most viewed assets Lenovo commercial
marketing had ever produced. Lenovo surpassed its target of 17,000 new
leads by 50% with over 25,000 and blew away its goal of 34,000
reactivated leads by engaging over 91,000 contacts. They increased the
number of marketing qualified leads by 250% and improved lead quality by

Best Personalized Video Campaign
Winner: Reltio
Veracode, Influitive

Reltio wanted a new way to build awareness and drive interest it its
flagship product with a top-of-funnel awareness campaign. The company
launched a personalized
video campaign
targeting 10,000 leads to build awareness and
identify their most engaged prospects.

Results: Nearly 30% of all individuals who opened the email
clicked through to watch the video. That marked a 10X increase in
click-through rates compared to their average marketing campaign. Reltio
is now launching a second personalized video campaign as part of its
account-based marketing effort.

Best Use of Video for Sales Prospecting or ABM
Winner: MongoDB
Act-On, P2 Energy Solutions

MongoDB wanted to use more customer testimonials to show the impact that
MongoDB could have on their organizations. With a small marketing team
and small budget, MongoDB picked a few
to do high-quality testimonials.
The end goal was to provide powerful assets for the sales team to better
engage key prospects and move them through the buying journey faster.

Results: The sales team was ecstatic, and the videos become one
of their top three calls to action in outbound outreach efforts to new
prospects. The videos also served as tools for new sales reps to learn
how customers use MongoDB.

Best Online Video Presence for a B2B Brand
Finalists: Applied Predictive Technologies,

Video is a key component of the SolarWinds marketing strategy, helping
the company create a unique, relatable voice that stands out for IT
professionals. The video team is a big contributor to brand, social,
product and demand gen creative campaign strategy and leverages a
multi-channel distribution strategy to reach its audiences across the
web. Its videos have been featured on Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Reddit
and other media sites. SolarWinds’ customers are IT professionals, and
the company uses a snarky, geeky tone to connect with its audience. Top
examples include “Happy
IT Professionals Day
” “Free
Tool Brack-IT-ology
”, “Meet
the Head Geeks
,” and their newly released parodies of hit show
Stranger Things called “Stranger

Results: The SolarWinds content has helped the business reach a
wide array of new audiences and boost engagement with its current
customers and prospects. Its YouTube channel features nearly 1,000
videos, and the top 15 each have more than 50,000 views. SolarWinds
continues to invest in video as a primary content medium for marketing
and communications, brand and social media to build and engage its B2B
buyer’s audience.

Breakout Video Marketer of the Year
Winner: Jonas
Construction Software
Finalists: RL Solutions, ExamSoft

Jonas Construction Software started out a year ago with no video content
but a goal to provide prospective clients with a more personalized and
dynamic digital experience to guide them to content that addressed their
existing needs. In its “Why
” video, the company created a video that explained to
customers how Jonas could help them. The used pop-out features in the
video to direct viewers to product pages. Viewers who made it to the end
of the video got a final call-to-action pointing them to a product tour.
The company has invested in a series of product and testimonial videos
and is tracking audience engagement to help identify, qualify and
convert more leads.

Results: Jonas Construction Software quickly noticed improvement
in the quality of its leads, and prospective clients are more engaged
with its content. Now roughly 50% of all Jonas’ leads from its website
come directly from video content. 20% of closed business comes from
deals that originated with a video view. Conversion rates on email
marketing programs with video content are 200% that of traditional email
campaigns. Sales velocity also has increased, the amount of time needed
to convert a lead to an opportunity has been cut in half, and the time
need to close new business is down by 30%.

Small Business, Big Bang
Winner: Terminus
Social123, Xenex

Terminus employed a video marketing strategy to raise awareness for
account-based marketing (ABM), which was just a buzz word for the B2B
marketing industry a year ago. Terminus launched its #FlipMyFunnel
campaign with personalized
aimed at B2B marketing and sales thought leaders the company
wanted to attend its first conference of the same name. They wanted 200
people to attend the first event in Atlanta. CMO Sangram Vajre created
an individual video for each recipient with an opening “Hi
(first name). Sangram here!
”. Based on the early success of video
content, Terminus now leverages custom and personalized video for
outbound prospecting, ABM, event awareness, customer testimonials and
product demonstrations.

Results: Besides getting 300 people to attend that first
#FlipMyFunnel, Terminus credits video as a huge part of its ABM strategy
and success. The company has produced eight customer testimonial videos
this year with four more in production. They integrated Vidyard with
Uberflip to track engagement and attribution of its video content. The
unique video stream of content has proven to be an important asset for
the sales team, especially to move deals through the pipeline more
quickly. Sales development reps also have started producing their own
personalized videos to use in outreach to help them cut through the
clutter and increase connect rates.

Video Marketing Impact Award
Winner: Tradeshift
Rapid7, BenefitMall

After working primarily with large corporations, Tradeshift recently
started expanding into the mid-market categories and needed help
generating demand. Enterprise Marketing head Travis Bickham recognized
that Tradeshift’s traditional demand gen model didn’t scale to smaller
companies, and he needed a new way to stand out in the competitive
mid-market. Already using Vidyard, Bickham could see from the platform’s
analytics that customers watched a lot of video before ever talking to
sales teams. He saw that using video as the basis for all demand gen
efforts would help Tradeshift accelerate leads and accounts down the
funnel by providing engaging content and lead scoring at every stage.
With Vidyard’s integration with Marketo, Bickham could track metrics on
leads, conversions and opportunity revenue that his team helped drive
through video content. Bickham later used Vidyard’s personalization
technology to send out holiday videos with each prospect’s name featured
in the video they received.

Results: 100% of active opportunities that convert to deals are
exposed to video before and after sales qualification. In outbound
emails promoting customer success stories, video has double the
click-through rate compared to PDFs when both versions were tested.
Leads who view videos reach qualified status 4X faster than those who
don’t. Tradeshift’s personalized holiday video campaign resulted in a
230% increase in click-through rates, an 88% increase in eBook downloads
and a surge in qualified pipeline development. More than 10% of
marketing-sourced qualified leads in the first half of 2016 came from
that personalized video campaign, resulting in a cost-per-opportunity
that was lower than the average cost-per-lead of other campaigns, an
unheard-of set of results in the world of demand generation.

Video Marketing Trailblazer
Winner: Bisk Education
Cisco, Marketo

Bisk Education partners with universities to help finance, develop and
support online degree programs and with businesses to offer training and
education programs. The company recently began investing in video
marketing and created Bisk Studios to handle all video strategy,
production, marketing and distribution. Bisk Studios contributes to
several campaigns at a time, supporting multiple brands and the overall
Bisk brand. Usually their videos are a piece of a larger marketing
campaign or content strategy but sometimes they comprise the entire
campaign. Bisk Studios also drives internal communications programs,
brand awareness, training, and other video-based programs across the
organization. Investing in Bisk Studios has transformed the way the
company markets its own business and partners with other organizations.
Going beyond traditional marketing and social videos, their production
of a full
documentary with Notre Dame
shows what can happen when an
organization gets serious about video.

Results: Bisk’s video series with Florida State University, “Study
” drove the most Facebook shares of any of its social efforts
to date with more than 2,000 views. Their “Spartans
” project with Michigan State University influenced many
students to commit to a specific degree program. On a broader level,
Bisk employees are now engaged in using video initiatives across the
entire company. Employee events are now covered by the video crew, and
one internal company culture video had a 85% click-through rate and over
70% engagement – even after the video was already shown in a group

About Vidyard

(Twitter: @Vidyard) is the video intelligence platform that helps
businesses drive more revenue through the use of online video. Going
beyond video hosting and management, Vidyard helps businesses drive
greater engagement in their video content, track the viewing activities
of each individual viewer, and turn those views into action. Global
leaders such as Honeywell, McKesson, Lenovo, LinkedIn, Cision, TD
Ameritrade, Citibank, MongoDB and Sharp rely on Vidyard to power their
video content strategies and turn viewer into customers.

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