Creating captivating video content to engage your customers is easy through Toyota’s Digital Dealer Solutions program. Toyota has certified Cartender as an industry-leading video content provider that is committed to ensuring that your dealership’s message is delivered to your customers. Showcase your dealership with specialized video content for inventory, social media, dealership operations and more!

The Cartender Video Platform is the easiest & fastest way to market every dealership department.

  • Instantly create & distribute custom videos at scale with Video Publisher
  • Educate & engage car shoppers with thousands of new & used car video tests with Video Player
  • Measure & convert more traffic using video-powered landing pages with Video Page.


Cartender’s Video Publisher (“Pub”) generates dynamic video on demand for every department at the dealership. The Pub provides a simple and fast video production solution with over 50 different video templates to choose from.


Cartender’s Video Player accelerates the customer’s decision to buy, and it integrates on any page of any website. It enables Toyota retailers to increase engagement and influence conversions with full-motion videos for every Toyota (and off-brand) vehicle on the lot.


Cartender’s Video Page allows automotive marketers to drive their campaign traffic further. It seamlessly integrates with any website, supports any type of campaign, and provides transparent data tracking from source to destination.

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