Brightcove Offers a Roadmap for Video Marketing Superheroes –

Feeling super? Super exhausted, maybe? Well Brightcove is here to help. The video cloud services company has just released the latest installment in its guide to becoming a video marketing superhero.

VideoMarketingHeroThis part looks at the different types of campaigns a video marketer can run—going for awareness (grow the brand’s reputation), engagement (create personal connections with consumers), conversion (move a qualified lead to make a purchase), retention (keep existing customers by inspiring or educating them), or advocacy (turn happy customers into brand advocates)—then offers tips on content creation, examples of what works for each type of campaign, and key metrics to study for each.

But maybe you’re not sure what type of campaign you should create. To help you get your bearings, Brightcove offers these five questions. Answer them and they’ll steer you in the right direction:

  1. What needs to be said? Write the story you want to tell in two sentences.
  1. What content already exists that tells this story? Can it be repurposed into video content?
  1. How many videos will be created? How will they differ in messaging, tone, and content?
  1. How will each channel be used in creating this story? How will videos bridge the message across channels?
  1. What is the desired action after watching each video? Have you told your viewer what to do next? How do these activities map through the customer lifecycle stages

The guide also includes planning sheets for each type of video marketing campaign that breaks the category down further and points out which marketing channels are especially useful when promoting that type of content.

In a previous article, we identified the six essential elements every video marketing superhero should have in his or her utility belt, as determined by Brightcove.

To read more, download the full “Hero’s Guide to Video Marketing” for free (registration required).

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