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For marketers, video is everywhere these days, and being everywhere means complexity: It means managing multiple social platforms and multiple versions of each video, with no good way to evaluate all the disparate metrics you receive.

TwentyThreeThat’s the scenario TwentyThree is trying to fix. “TwentyThree” is the name of both the company and the comprehensive video marketing platform it’s created. The platform is browser-based, and lets marketers upload all their videos to one central location, then distribute them to the brand’s Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter accounts.

TwentyThree consolidates all view metrics on a single screen, so it’s easy to see which platforms are delivering the best results. The analytics tools give a better view of drop-off and play-through rates than marketers would get from one platform alone. TwentyThree also lets marketers dive in and segment analytics data by channel, device, and more. You can schedule uploads, and even edit videos directly in the browser. The editing tools are built for marketers, not video editors, so there’s nothing too tricky.

That alone would be helpful, but TwentyThree aims to be indispensable. It lets marketers create video landing pages and video hubs using customizable tools. You can have an area up and running in minutes, the company says.

Use your videos to capture leads with TwentyThree’s lead-gen tools. Markers can create calls-to-action and solicit information. Cookie tracking shows where viewers went and helps retarget visitors that didn’t convert right away.

A video marketing solution wouldn’t be much good these days if it didn’t handle live video, and TwentyThree delivers. Marketers can stream live video using anything from a phone to a studio setup, then view real-time analytics on their dashboard. Use TwentyThree to capture stills and clips from the live stream, then share them on social platforms. TwentyThree even helps prepare for a live event by adding registrations to a landing page or sending out reminders. Afterwards, it helps you send out a recap.

There’s just one single plan for TwentyThree, which goes for $699 per month and includes unlimited views and users, plus 1TB of bandwidth. The $3,000 setup fee sounds steep, but it includes training tailored for your business. If this sounds like the video marketing solution you’ve been waiting for, give TwentyThree a try.

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