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Everybody feels that content marketing is the future of digital marketing but they’re probably not aware as to what exactly is the trend in this field. What kind of content people love to consume and has greater chances of going viral? Yes, we are talking about video marketing, which has become the new darling of content marketers.

Integration of Auto-Play Videos in Social Media

Realizing this, first Twitter and then Facebook integrated auto-play videos to their feeds making their content more useful. YouTube has improved a lot both in terms of quality of videos as well as their easily searchable features. And now companies are including videos in their marketing plan to attract and engage their audiences.

A Dominating Part of the Internet Traffic

According to Syndacast, videos will be a dominating part of all the traffic on the web in 2017 with a whopping 75% share of it. This is not without reason, for the users are also showing increasing inclination towards viewing a video rather than reading a text-based article. This is the simple demand and supply equation.

Greater Appeal and Better CTR

It is so much so that if you include the word “video” in the subject line of your email, it will have a tremendous impact on your email marketing. Your open rate and CTR will go up and un-subscribers will be reduced. CTR can shoot up to 65% of your existing one. Twitter has also revealed that Tweets with pics, infographics or videos have recorded most retweets.

The following infographic is going to emphasize the value of video marketing with the help of verified stats and numbers.

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Here is an interesting infographic created by Vidyard, a leading video marketing platform.

Video Marketing Infographic

Currently, online videos are claimed to be 70% of the overall Internet traffic and 50% of the entire mobile web traffic.

YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google. Around 45% of the online viewers watch a video at least once in a month. This figure was quite low a few years ago.

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Some Stats about Video Marketing

An average viewer watches nearly 32 videos every month. About 100 million Internet users watch videos online daily. Videos have a high rate of retention as 80% people remember the video content they have watched on the Internet. And the best part of it is that 46% people take some action based on these videos.

According to a recent case study of an Australian real estate company, it received 400% more inquiries when they included videos in their marketing and ad content. In terms of conversion also, the results achieved were impressive. It increased their overall website traffic and boosted their office footfall. The best part of it was that 12% of the overall visitors actually bought the product mentioned in the video ad.

It also had a positive impact on the average time spent on the site by a visitor. Videos are more effective in marketing because of the inner structure of our brains. We perceive the message given by the video in a better manner as compared to other channels such as text etc. It helps us in emotionally engaging the visitor.

That’s the reason video marketing is on the rise and will continue to increase in future.

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