Cartender’s Video Publisher Expands Automated Custom Video Capabilities with TradePending Data

TradePending Selects Cartender as First Superlative API Integration Partner, Adding Local Market Data to Online Video Content

WORLDWIDE (June 7th, 2021) – Cartender, makers of top-shelf video marketing technology for the automotive industry, announced today its Video Publisher tool has been selected by TradePending as the company’s first Superlative API integration partner. The partnership gives automotive dealers and agencies the digital marketing and video creation tools to deliver engaging online content based on real-time local market data.

Cartender’s top-shelf video publishing technology helps automotive companies produce high-quality videos in-house, within minutes. The industry’s first do-it-yourself (DIY) video creation platform designed specifically for automotive dealerships and agencies elevates the video production capabilities of in-house marketing teams and helps reduce the cost of video production. The innovative Video Publisher tool delivers automated, scalable video products using any data source, enhancing automotive marketing campaigns with video content that increases consumers ‘urgency to buy.’ 

“We are excited to partner with TradePending to help automotive dealers and agencies enhance their digital video content,” said Collin Davis, CEO & Founder, Cartender. “By adding TradePending data to videos created using our user-friendly Video Publisher tool, marketing teams give shoppers the information they need to make the best purchase decision possible for their new vehicle.”

As the first integration partner of TradePending’s Superlative API, Cartender’s Video Publisher now offers custom Superlative video ads and custom video graphic overlays of Superlative data within inventory videos, model videos, and more. TradePending’s Superlative online marketing tool uses real-time market data to showcase local market supply and demand for each vehicle on the lot. Customers engage with key vehicle data designed to increase purchase urgency, including average time on the market, high demand vehicles and quick sellers. For sellers, Superlatives highlight what makes used vehicles unique and/or new inventory different from the competition, highlighting value over lowest price.

“Consumers that engage with our clients’ Superlatives-enhanced inventory consistently outperform other website visitors,” said Joe Dallas, Chief Business Officer at TradePending. “On average, they spend nearly triple the time on a dealer’s website, visit three times more pages per session and are twice as likely to return. Combining powerful consumer data with engaging video content is a win-win for in-house marketing teams who are looking to amplify their digital video advertising and marketing strategy.” 

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About Cartender

Cartender provides content, and digital marketing technology and services to marketing agencies, car dealerships, and solution providers. Cartender specializes in video test drives and scalable, data-driven video production and omni-channel distribution. From Video Publisher to Video Player, and Video Page, their suite of video products allows retailers to enhance every step of the consumer’s buying experience.

About TradePending
TradePending’s mission is “simple automotive”, bringing dealers and consumers together across North America. SNAP, the disruptive trade-in tool, brings transparency, elegant data visualizations, powerful mobile usability, and 300% more leads than competing solutions. The Buying Platform empowers dealers to customize their trade-in process to match their inventory sourcing strategy.   Superlatives improves how dealers merchandise their inventory by using real-time market data to show what makes each vehicle valuable and unique in a dealer’s local market. The TradePending API provides industry partners the ability to ingest our proprietary market data to power their own products and services.​

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