Cognition Expands Automotive Expertise with Acquisition of Cartender

Jacksonville, Florida – January 24th, 2024Cognition, a leading connected advertising platform, proudly announces its strategic acquisition of Cartender, a groundbreaking provider of AI-powered digital marketing technology and services tailored for car dealerships and automotive solution providers. Cartender is renowned for its expertise in scalable, data-driven media production and omni-channel distribution, offering innovative products like Publisher, Player, and Page, as well as industry-first APIs that elevate every facet of the car buyer’s journey.

The acquisition marks a pivotal moment in Cognition’s journey toward providing a comprehensive, end-to-end advertising platform, fusing creative technologies with media activation and measurement capabilities. The amalgamation of these cutting-edge technologies enables advertisers and retailers to craft compelling ad campaigns, distribute them effectively across channels, and gain deep insights into campaign performance.

Notably, Collin Davis, the visionary CEO and Founder of Cartender, will join Cognition as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). His expertise and leadership will be instrumental in driving Cognition’s technological evolution and enhancing the company’s commitment to innovation.

Cognition has had the privilege of being a client of Cartender for the past two years, experiencing firsthand the exceptional value that Cartender brings to the table. The acquisition solidifies a fruitful partnership that has propelled both organizations to the forefront of advertising technology.

Pioneering Beyond Automotive

Cartender’s technology is set to play a pivotal role in addressing a significant gap in the retail media and e-commerce sectors. Retailers and e-commerce businesses are increasingly recognizing the power of video creative at scale as a key driver for customer engagement and sales.

“The demand for scalable video creative solutions in retail media and e-commerce is immense,” said Carson Henry, CEO of Cognition. “With the Cartender technology at our disposal, we’re on a mission to extend the benefits of our platform to these sectors, enabling businesses to harness the full potential of video advertising.”

“I’m beyond excited to combine the Cognition and Cartender platforms to align personalized messaging with best-in-class ad tech” said Collin Davis, Founder of Cartender. “I’ve had the privilege of working with Carson and the rest of the Cognition leadership team for a couple of years, and to now join as their CTO, it will allow us to accelerate and expand into areas that are primed for what we’ve been building towards”.

Cognition and Cartender are determined to lead the charge in the ever-evolving world of advertising technology, offering a single platform that empowers businesses to create, distribute, and measure advertising campaigns seamlessly. This alliance is a testament to Cognition’s relentless pursuit of innovation and the optimization of the advertiser’s journey.

About Cognition:

Cognition is an innovative technology company specializing in providing connected advertising solutions. By seamlessly blending advanced technology with data-driven insights, Cognition enables advertisers and retailers across various sectors to reach their target audiences with precision, measure campaign effectiveness, and drive data-informed decisions. Learn more at

About Cartender:

Cartender empowers automotive marketers with custom video, video test drives, and video landing pages. We specialize in data-driven creative production and omni-channel distribution for the automotive industry. Learn more at

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