InsideAuto Podcast – Key Strategies for Data-Driven Video

In a recent insightful podcast episode of InsideAuto, Ilana Shabtay interviewed Collin Davis, the CEO and Founder of Cartender, a marketing technology company that’s revolutionizing digital content production in the automotive industry with a focus on data-driven video content. Since 2007, Collin Davis has been a notable figure in the automotive martech space, culminating in the inception of Cartender in 2017. His extensive experience includes a decade as a partner and CTO in an automotive media company and collaborations with prominent brands like AutoTrader,, Trader Corporation, Mercedes-Benz, Kia, Ford, Chevrolet and many more.

This episode highlights the dynamic shift in media platforms and its significant impact on the industry. Key topics covered include the rising relevance of short-form video content on dealership websites and strategic approaches dealerships can adopt for effective content creation. Moreover, Davis elaborates on Cartender’s role in assisting dealerships to craft video content tailored for various platforms and the crucial role of open APIs in advancing dealership objectives. A notable point of discussion is Cartender’s integration of AI in their products and their vision for the future.

Davis emphasizes that for dealerships to thrive in today’s market, incorporating a robust content creation strategy is non-negotiable. He underscores the need for dealerships to produce diverse and regular content, specifically curated for each platform to enhance their business reach and drive sales. The conversation also sheds light on the significance of interconnected data in formulating and sustaining a successful content strategy, offering invaluable insights for dealerships looking to elevate their digital marketing game.

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