Orbee Auto Announces a New Scalable and Affordable Video Automation Offering

Orbee Auto partners with Cartender to help automotive dealerships employ automated video retargeting ads across all platforms and devices

IRVINE, CA – January 24th, 2019 – Orbee Auto (www.orbeeauto.com), a fully integrated marketing and sales platform for automotive dealerships, has announced its new video automation which generates unlimited variations of video ads based on current auto dealership inventory and specials. The engine allows auto dealers to retarget shoppers in a more precise, interactive and engaging way than with static display and text ads. This product builds on over a year of collaboration between Orbee and Cartender (www.cartender.com), an automotive video marketing studio.

According to a Cisco report, video is projected to make up more than 80% of all internet traffic by 2021. Given this rise in video across all screens, it is imperative for auto marketers to employ video marketing as it has the potential to be the most effective form of digital marketing. With a wide variety of video offer types based on model, trim, VIN and shopper, auto dealers can reach each shopper with the right message at the right time across all the platforms and devices their future buyers use daily.

Cartender provides a full suite of video capabilities including its Vehicle Marketing Studio and its video-enabled players and landing pages, which bring together dealership image and video assets with an extensive library of make and model video content and voice and graphic overlays. With Orbee’s shopper history, the interactions on the dealership site are used to map to inventory and specials videos are automatically generated with Cartender’s platform specifically for that dealership.

“At Cartender, we are focused on creating custom videos using our dynamic video generation technology to help dealers merchandise and market vehicles more effectively,” stated Collin Davis, Co-Founder and CEO of Cartender. “Our synergistic partnership with Orbee Auto is blending the use of actionable shopper data with our video generation technology to make personalized and engaging videos affordable and scalable for all dealerships.”

The videos generated through Orbee Auto and Cartender’s integration and partnership can be easily deployed in retargeting ads across Facebook, YouTube, Google and a wide range of supported video ad exchanges like Verizon, AT&T, and Comcast.

“Dynamic videos coupled with intelligent shopper data enable auto marketers to give their shoppers an easy way to learn more about the dealership’s differentiators and the specials they are offering,” stated Atul Patel, Co-Founder and COO of Orbee Auto. “When you put these two capabilities together, this enables an entirely new way to reach and speak to your car buyers across Facebook, Google, and even on Connected TVs like Roku.”

Auto dealerships can learn more about the video automation at www.orbeeauto.com/video-automation.

About Cartender

Cartender provides digital marketing technology and services to car dealerships and solution providers. We specialize in scalable, data-driven content production with omni-channel distribution. From our Vehicle Marketing Studio to our Cartender Video Player and Vehicle Specials Page, our suite of video solutions allows automotive retailers to enhance every step of the car buying experience. www.cartender.com

About Orbee Auto

As a unified marketing and sales platform for tier three automotive dealerships, Orbee is redefining the way dealerships market and sell cars by modernizing their online business model. Orbee’s platform brings personalization and coordination in your digital marketing and sales efforts by using its enterprise-grade data analytics pipeline. With focus in website traffic analytics, interaction tracking features, outbound marketing, sales automation, and data management, Orbee enables franchise and independent dealers to gain unprecedented control and transparency over their valuable shopper data and can build accurate and actionable first-party data profiles of their online shoppers while lowering costs and inefficiencies in their marketing and sales efforts.

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